Research Focus

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Focus:  Conditions and Assistance in the Neonatal Period

Studies on epidemiological, etiopathogenic, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of the main problems that occur in newborns 

Focus:  Infection and Immunization

Studies related to specific immunizations in healthy and unhealthy population groups and of acquired immunodeficiency virus infectious processes and other agents, as well as their clinical progression, therapeutic response and laboratory evaluation. 

Focus:  Child and Adolescent Disabilities and Care

Studies on clinical situations that require highly complex diagnostic and / or therapeutic procedures, developed in a hospital environment in the areas of oncology, nephrology and pediatric intensive care and hematology, besides establishing the prevalence, risk factors associated with its expression. 

Focus:  Physiology and Disorders of Digestive Tract.

Studies of the digestive tract, including digestive-absorptive abnormalities, motility disorders, Helicobacter pylori infection, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in endoscopy, diarrhea and malnutrition, infections, inflammatory bowel diseases and liver diseases. 

Focus:  Physiology, epidemiology of respiratory, allergic, immunological and inflammatory conditions

Study on the pulmonary development of infants, children and adolescents as well as the interference of respiratory affections on parameters of pulmonary function, clinical expression and therapeutic schemes. Studies on allergic processes, immunological deficiencies and rheumatic diseases are or are not of the autoimmune regimen. 

Focus:  Physiology, epidemiology of nutritional, hormonal and metabolic disorders

Studies on dietary and nutritional physiology, nutritional and mineral status, effects of nutritional disorders on human systems and tissues and experimental models, metabolic changes associated with renal function disorders and inborn errors of metabolism. Experimental, clinical and population research projects aiming to generate knowledge for the best care of nutritional disorders in childhood, regarding etiology, diagnosis and prognosis. 

Focus:  Normal and pathological Growth and Development

Studies on growth and development in childhood and adolescence, including hormonal and metabolic disorders and risk factors in adolescence. Evaluation of services, programs and actions aimed at comprehensive health care for children and adolescents, with emphasis on basic health care. 

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